Why an Essay in the New ‘Playboy’ Condemns Porn Culture

Bret Easton Ellis, author of Less Than Zero, The Rules of Attraction, and American Psycho, has written an essay condemning the modern ubiquity of pornography. The essay appears in the new Playboy magazine (no link to the piece is available yet). This might seem like deep irony, but Ellis is perceptive and elegant in his remembrances of … Continued


Hugh Hefner Finally Embraces His Conservatism

Playboy magazine has announced that, starting next March, it will no longer publish pictures of nude women. Maybe now Hugh Hefner can return to being the conservative he’s always been. Hefner’s general life story is well known, but not its more interesting details. He grew up in Chicago, was interested in magazines and especially cartooning … Continued

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Sugar Daddies: Girls Just Want to Have Funds?

There’s an old joke that goes as follows: A man asks a girl if she will sleep with him for a million dollars. She says yes. He then offers her two dollars and she slaps his face, saying, “What do you think I am?” He answers, “I know what you are. We are just haggling … Continued


“True Blood” and Misogyny

When it comes to explicit sex and violence on television these days, Game of Thrones probably leaps first to mind, but it would be difficult to find a show that pushes those boundaries further than True Blood, HBO’s sex-and-gore-soaked soap opera about small-town Southern vampires. It would also be hard to find a show that … Continued

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Gary Oldman’s Freewheeling, Profane Honesty

Outrage is the lifeblood of the internet, and nothing fuels online outrage quite like a celebrity going off-script and passionately challenging the socially approved pieties of political correctness. Actor Gary Oldman is not a movie star who keeps playing himself over and over again. He’s an actual actor with a perfectionist’s work ethic and incredible … Continued


Playboy at Sixty: A Semi-Defense of Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner has in many ways been a toxic cultural force for the past sixty years. He helped usher in the age of pornography, which is now a serious global problem that warps healthy and romantic sexual interaction. Hefner’s grandiose claims about being a revolutionary are often hyperbolic, even silly. And he’s a terrible dancer. … Continued


You Don’t Give a F***? Well, You Should

It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus doesn’t care what people think. Her quote: “The biggest thing people say to me is that ‘I love that you don’t care what people think.’” I don’t claim to be very skilled at logic games, but this strikes me as a fun challenge: 1)      Miley doesn’t care. 2)      People … Continued


Confessions of a Christian Bikini Photographer

The female body is one of the world’s great works of art. So if you’re a Christian or conservative artist who wants to depict it in a work of art, Can you? Should you? I am a journalist, photographer and filmmaker. I love art, and in my work I aspire to create things that reflect, albeit … Continued


Tyranny, Insanity, and Pop Culture

It was rather disconcerting for me to come across this article from The New Republic on the pop-culture tastes of dictators–I don’t know about you, but the less I have in common with these mass-murdering tyrants, the better. But, as it turns out, I (and millions of other Americans) are into the same music, movies, … Continued