A Simple Way to Be a Better Parent: Keep Nagging

Parents hear a lot about what they need to do to support their children’s development. Mothers of daughters in particular are told that we need to fight against cultural norms that shortchange girls. We are lectured not to tell our girls that they are pretty, and to encourage them to pursue science and math classes … Continued


Why New Jersey Wants to Tell You How to Raise Your Kids

For the last year, New Jersey was sane. Well, in one way at least. For anyone familiar with Jersey, however, it’s probably not a surprise to find that even that bit of sanity went out the window recently. In August of last year, the Supreme Court of New Jersey ruled that it isn’t automatically child … Continued


The Ridiculous Crusade for Gender-Neutral Toys

Christina Hoff Sommers—who literally wrote the book on the war on boys—notes that there’s a movement afoot to de-gender toys. Target has pulled the “boys” and “girls” labeling from their toy aisles. The White House recently hosted a “summit” on the perils of gender-specific toys. Time proclaims that “the next generation of kids will play … Continued


Down Syndrome and the Changing Face of Beauty

Is Down syndrome making a comeback? That may sound strange, especially because the numbers make plain that people with Down syndrome have been slowly disappearing from our society. That’s not because science has eliminated the genetic disorder. It’s because nine of ten women who learn their baby has Down syndrome have an abortion. A baby … Continued


Confessions of a Former Sanctimommy

So I have a confession: I used to be a sanctimommy. Well, I still kind of am one, but I’m working on it, I swear. What is a sanctimommy, you ask? You know the type—the sanctimonious mother you avoid because she judges every single parenting decision you make, such as how you feed your kids, … Continued


How the Government Became the Worst Helicopter Parent

Uncle Sam is the worst helicopter parent in America. The number of stories detailing mothers, fathers and guardians who have been harassed, threatened, humiliated, and arrested for allowing their kids to be alone and do for themselves is nearly endless. The adults affected by the overreach of police, judges, medical, educational, and social-service personnel come … Continued


Why Parents Need to Stop Attacking Each Other

Summer has only just begun, and already, Americans have been riveted by two stories of children facing life-threatening danger. First, a four-year-old boy fell into the gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo and had to be rescued by zoo personnel who shot the primate to death. And then, most horrifyingly, at a Walt Disney World … Continued