Elite Liberals, Saving the World One Carbon Offset at a Time

The New York Times certainly knows its audience. There is no other demographic in America that could possibly find relevance in a piece titled “10 Ways to Be a Greener Traveler, Even if You Love to Fly” apart from frequent Times readers—moneyed, left-wing, urban elites who crank up “All Things Considered” on the way to … Continued

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Making It Last: What Happens After the Honeymoon’s Over?

What happens after the honeymoon is over? That question has gotten short shrift in culture generally. From Jane Austen to You’ve Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally screenwriter Nora Ephron, there’s been a tendency to look at the beginning of a couple’s relationship, to what led them to the altar – and then end … Continued


I Hate Skyler White and You Should Too

I hate Skyler White. Don’t get me wrong. I love Anna Gunn. She earned my affection playing Deadwood’s Martha Bullock, the beleaguered wife of Seth Bullock and the only civilized woman in a town built by criminals. Gunn knows how to be a woman in a tough situation, especially when the situation involves a bad … Continued

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My Pop Culture Guilty Pleasure: Guy Fieri

  Editor’s note: H. L. Mencken said, “Conscience is the inner voice that warns us that someone might be looking.” We’d like to think the opposite is true about our pop culture guilty pleasures, those things we indulge in when we think no one is looking. You know what we mean: romance novels, NASCAR, chick … Continued

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He Got It Right

This time one week ago New York Times blogger Nate Silver was probably a bit nervous. His name was trending on Google at one hundred times more than at any previous point. He was the subject of a lengthy article on Deadspin.com. His recently published book was rising up the charts on Amazon.com’s bestseller list. … Continued

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The Daily Pop Culture Scene

Ten Fictional Characters People Need to Stop Idolizing–Flavorwire We all need idols, and considering how central books, film, and TV can be to our lives, it makes sense that so many of us count fictional characters among our role models. But not every charismatic protagonist is an Atticus Finch — or even a Leslie Knope. … Continued


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Sendak Understood That Children Needed to be Terrified–Slate Jon Stewart, Religion Teacher Extraordinaire–Religion & Politics Is the Novel Dead? Hardly–WSJ “New Girl” & Awkwardness of Young Adulthood–Atlantic Monsieur Lazhar: A Film About Grief, Education–James Bowman How Gay Went Mainstream on TV–NY Times Ben Affleck’s Argo, Where the CIA Meets Hollywood–Slate The Many Looks of Fashionista Anna … Continued


Fox at 25 & Growing Up With The Simpsons

Over the weekend, the Fox television network celebrated its 25th birthday. The New York Times took the occasion to reflect on Fox’s irreverent and pop-culture-defining programming in a piece aptly titled, “Fox Network at 25: Blazing Trails and Burning Bridges”: Fox has been characterized by boldness from the start. Having decided to break up the … Continued