Marrying Yourself is Now a Thing

Suppose you are scripting a “millennial” character for a satirical novel or screenplay. You’d probably give them a name like Harper Stone Evans-Jubilee, and try to come up with a job description that would embody the navel-gazing decadence of her generation. Maybe you’d come up with something like “self-wedding planner,” before quickly scrapping the idea. … Continued


Sorry, Millennials. Monogamy is Not a “Spectrum”

You have probably noticed there are certain activities—or “lifestyles,” if you insist—that tend to produce an excessive amount of insufferable disciples who tend to ruin social encounters by refusing to shut up about it. They are vegetarians, vegans, marathon runners, cross fitters, socialists, libertarians, Silicon Valley bros, and people who pretend to know things about … Continued


Why Aren’t Millennials More Entrepreneurial?

Why aren’t millennials chasing the American Dream? They’re a generation struggling to just stay afloat. That’s the troubling finding of a new survey of Millennials that shows there are more would-be Dilberts than Mark Zuckerbergs among today’s young adults. Only twenty-two percent of Millennials think the “best way to advance [their] career” is starting their … Continued


Are Men Becoming the Weaker Sex?

My dad was pretty proud when he sent a mass email to all my siblings about a recent study that shows that Millennial men today are physically weaker than their dads. While I don’t know if this study pertains to my three athletic brothers (one of which is a nationally ranked junior racquetball player), it … Continued


Less Sex and More Binge Drinking: Maybe the Kids Aren’t Alright

Of all the concerns we have about Millennials, few would have predicted “failure to launch in the bedroom” would be among them. Older generations have always had worries about their kids’ sexual activity, of course, but this may be the first time in living memory that the worry about “kids these days” is that aren’t … Continued


Brexit Vote Wins. Millennials Are Hit Hardest.

A little more than a week ago, Britain voted to leave the European Union. The dust from the catastrophe that opponents of Brexit warned about has finally cleared, revealing . . . not much dust at all, really. Brexit was never going to be an instantaneous transformation. And initially jittery financial markets have moved toward … Continued


Why Churches Should Stop Pandering to Millennials

For years, churches have been trying to find new ways to attract Millennials, two thirds of whom believe churchgoers are “a lot or somewhat hypocritical.” Churches have tried everything from deploying hipster pastors to making their sanctuaries less church-like. As a Millennial, I have a message for churches: Please, just stop. We don’t need outreach … Continued