Stop Guilt-Tripping Boys About Their ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Last week a proud feminist single mom posted a piece in The Washington Post in which she shamed her sixteen- and eighteen-year-old sons for not taking a more proactive stand to combat rape and misogyny. For anyone who needs a guide on How Not to Turn Your Children Into the Social Justice Warriors You Desperately … Continued


The Crisis of America’s Nonworking Men

Based on the official unemployment rate—which held steady at 4.9 percent last month—America’s labor market has fully recovered from the Great Recession. Indeed, many prominent economists, including Federal Reserve officials, believe we have reached  “maximum” employment or something very close to it. Based on another indicator, however, America’s labor market remains stuck in a long-term … Continued


Are Men Becoming the Weaker Sex?

My dad was pretty proud when he sent a mass email to all my siblings about a recent study that shows that Millennial men today are physically weaker than their dads. While I don’t know if this study pertains to my three athletic brothers (one of which is a nationally ranked junior racquetball player), it … Continued


‘New York’ Magazine’s War on Men

New York magazine’s digital fashion blog The Cut announced last week that it is addressing “the gender wars” in a new blog, as well as a column, intended to provide its largely female readership with a greater understanding of men and masculinity. This seemed like an intriguing and positive step toward easing tensions in the … Continued


In Defense of the All-Male Book Club

Last week the Men’s Style section of The New York Times featured a piece, “Men Have Book Clubs, Too,” about the apparently growing phenomenon of men getting together to share literary interests and opinions. The notion that men might actually share any thoughts with each other besides their opinions of the previous night’s boxing match, … Continued

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The Lost Boys of Reddit

On Friday, the US National Center for Health Statistics released its most recent study on suicide; the results were startling. The suicide rate in the US is the highest it has been for thirty years, especially among white women and middle-aged white men (the only group that has experienced a decline in suicide rates is … Continued


Are Fathers Becoming Less Manly?

Last week I took all three of my little girls into a supermarket, where another man noticed me pushing a cart around with two kids in it and wearing a third one on my chest in a baby harness. “Superdad!” he called out, with a thumbs-up. I was rather proud of that since being the … Continued

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Let’s Hear It for the Bros

It’s good to be a young jock. To feel strong, graceful, metaphysically focused on a task, and able to easily overpower or humiliate an opposing player on the field is righteous and cool. It’s a feeling that non-jocks don’t really get to experience, and ever since Steve Jobs recreated the world in his garage, nerds … Continued

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The Core Values of a Gentleman

The Gentleman’s Journal, a men’s style magazine, declares on its website that “we are on a mission to preserve the dying breed,” by which they mean the Gentleman. Good for the magazine’s editors for promoting gentlemanly values. Unfortunately, they seem unclear on how to convey those values. Last week The Gentleman’s Journal posted an article … Continued