In Defense of Culturally Appropriating Food

Lena Dunham needs you to pay attention to her. Despite making headlines in February after the debut of season six of her HBO ratings-bomb Girls, and again making news after revealing her fascinating theory that violent crime in America is directly associated with the handguns present in the latest installment of the Jason Bourne franchise … Continued


Lindy West and Nihilistic Feminism

“If you live today, you breathe in nihilism…it’s the gas you breathe,” Flannery O’Connor wrote in a letter in the mid-1950s. Such nihilism is now pervasive, inflicting enormous cultural destruction. For many people, those venerable notions of the good, the true, and the beautiful now seem nonsensical in the age of Snapchat and Tinder. Nevertheless, … Continued


Camille Paglia Calls Lena Dunham a “Big Pile of Pudding”

The Internet is full of people speaking their minds—about everything from that hair dryer they bought on to their reasons for preferring Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary race. But political correctness has also been making itself heard more vigorously online in recent years. In February, Twitter announced the creation … Continued


Did Kesha Make a False Rape Allegation?

Hollywood has again found itself rocked by yet another high-profile rape allegation. This time, all eyes are on 28-year-old pop starlet and recording artist, Kesha. A New York County Supreme Court judge ruled Friday that Kesha must continue her contract with Sony records despite Kesha’s claims that her producer, Dr. Luke, had roofied, raped, and … Continued

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Lena Dunham: The Manchurian Girl

The more Lena Dunham talks, the more she raises the question: Is her entire career and persona an ingenious undercover scheme dreamed up by a GOP operative specifically to discredit Millennials, feminists, and progressives? Is she the Manchurian Girl? Dunham’s latest faux pas, or perhaps her latest strategically planned attack on lefty follies, occurred at … Continued


The “Rape Moment” in Pop Culture

America is having a moment—an uncomfortable moment, no doubt, as our country’s collective attention has been focused once again on the ugly problem of rape. Over the last month, a number of rape allegations have emerged from both the civilian and celebrity world, and the sheer number of these stories and the publicity they’ve received, … Continued


Sex and Power: What Lena Dunham is Selling

This may be the best lesson we can learn from the ongoing Lena Dunham brouhaha: Kids raised in houses with photographs of their mom’s vagina on the wall grow up to have a weird relationship with sex. This would be funny if Lena Dunham weren’t packaging and selling her sexual shtick as “the voice of … Continued