What Will Pop Culture Look Like After the Baby Boomers?

Who will be the next David Bowie? Bowie’s January 10 death deprived the world of one of its greatest creative talents. Born in 1947, the relentlessly innovative Bowie was both a part of the Baby Boomer generation and one of the primary shapers of the culture it created. His influence pervaded not only music, but … Continued

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Should Museums be More Entertaining?

James Durston at CNN Travel recently penned the thought-provoking piece, “Why I Hate Museums,” in which he lamented that the hallowed institutions have become musty old tombs for objects that too often lack a human connection. They’re “like libraries,” he writes, “without the party atmosphere.” He proposes a notion heretical to many: that it’s time … Continued

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Tupac Shakur & Helping Men Become Men

I recently came across an old song by Tupac Shakur, “Keep Ya Head Up.” It was another reminder of a phenomenon that has become part of our culture in the last forty years: the absence of men, which has forced women to try and teach men how to be men. Here are some lyrics from “Keep … Continued

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What Is Sexy and What Is Crude?

In response to Ashley McGuire’s post about Beyoncé’s performance at the Super Bowl and the question of whether traditionally minded women can be sexy: of course they can. Traditional women can be, and are, sexy. So are liberal women and anarchist women (although there’s fewer of those). Women are sexy. It’s just kinda how God … Continued

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Beyoncé’s Soulful Feminism

I happened to like Beyoncé’s halftime show at the Superbowl. But I also happen to like Beyoncé. Perhaps it’s because Beyoncé, whether she means to or not, promotes a pro-family version of feminism. She more or less said in an interview that her husband, Jay-Z, is the only man that she has ever slept with. … Continued

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The Future of Film

Editor’s note: This is the final post in a four-part series. by Mark Tapson As I discussed in the first three parts (here, here, and here) of this short series on the future of film, the landscape of movie and television entertainment is shifting beneath us. What does this mean for people who love movies … Continued

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Inside the Life of a Young Conservative on World Tour

My friend Caleb works for Live Nation Entertainment and has spent the last few years of his life touring the world with U2 and other top-grossing musical acts. Caleb’s a God-fearing, tax-paying, gun-supporting American in his twenties whose values and worldview don’t necessarily comport with those of the people he works for and/or with, but … Continued

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Golden Globes Prove the Need for Real Diversity in Hollywood

In answer to Commentary’s question about the future of Conservatism “in the wake of the 2012 election,” Academy-Award-nominated screenwriter and cofounder of Pajamas Media Roger Simon issued a challenge. “Move to take back the arts and entertainment,” Simon proposed. “Conservatives whine incessantly about Hollywood. Stop whining and do it. Learn to make movies and TV … Continued

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