Why Conservatives Should Welcome the Obama Love Story Movie

Popular culture tends to focus more on the scandalous extra-marital activities of American presidents than on their great love stories (think: John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton), so it is nice to learn that a forthcoming movie will highlight the refreshingly quaint notion that a president might actually love his First Lady. From Entertainment Weekly: … Continued

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Obama’s “Nudge” Guru Ruins ‘Star Wars’

Cass Sunstein better hold on to his day job. The Harvard law professor, former Obama administration regulations “tsar,” and advocate for “nudging” Americans into doing what he (and his co-author behavioral economist Richard Thaler) believes is right when it comes to retirement savings and health care, has just written a new book in which he … Continued

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Why Malia Obama Should Help Pay for Her Harvard Education

Earlier this week, the world found out that President Obama’s oldest daughter, Malia, was accepted to Harvard University. After a photograph of Malia in a Harvard “Class of 2020” T-shirt surfaced, the White House admitted that the first daughter will head to Cambridge for college after first taking a gap year. And who can blame … Continued


What Prince George’s Bathrobe Says about Modern Parents

Arguably the best thing that happened during the Obamas’ visit to England last week was the meeting between the president and two-year-old Prince George. The tiny royal, who had been allowed to stay up past his bedtime in order to meet Mr. and Mrs. Obama, shook hands with the leader of the free world—in his … Continued

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President Compliments Wife, Gets Raked Over Coals by Feminists

Poor President Obama. I never thought I’d say those words, but after reading this Slate article about his comments on his wife’s figure, I actually feel bad for the guy. The article is about comments the president made in a recent conversation with ballerina Misty Copeland, transcribed and published by TIME magazine.  During the conversation, … Continued


Revenge of Obama Girl

The “artist” formerly known as Obama Girl is back, but this time, in a song called “Bernie Bae,” she wants her listeners to embrace Bernie Sanders for President.   Leah Kauffman, whose 2007 video about her crush on Obama became an Internet sensation, is having less luck with her musical version of feeling the Bern. So … Continued

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How to Respond to Prayer Shaming

It used to be that Americans of all theological persuasions agreed, in principle, on the idea that a sentiment such as “Our thoughts and prayers are with you” was the appropriate public response to a tragedy. That was then. This is now. And “now,” apparently, includes something called “prayer shaming.” In a recent column, Callum … Continued


The Danger of a Celebrity President

Once upon a time in America, it was believed that the President of the United States should have the gravitas and proper sense of priorities to distance himself from the triviality of showbiz. Then along came television, and Nixon poked fun at himself on Laugh-In, Clinton played blues sax on The Arsenio Hall Show, and … Continued

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