Brangelina’s End Shouldn’t Come as a Surprise

Another Hollywood marriage bites the dust. The Brangelina split, however, sideswiped those of us who track these things, because there were absolutely no hints. Usually we get a little clue here, or a whiff of trouble there. An Us Weekly story about a tense lunch or a People magazine report that somebody is looking for … Continued


Ashley Judd One-Ups Angelina Jolie by Enrolling in Ph.D. Program

What is it about female celebrities these days? They’re all eager to enter the glamorous world of . . . academia? First, Angelina Jolie became a visiting professor at the London School of Economics. And now Ashley Judd has raised the bar further, announcing that she will enter a Ph.D. program at the University of California, … Continued


Would You Take Gender Studies With Prof. Angelina Jolie?

There are many things about life on Earth in 2016 that would have seemed utterly implausible if someone had described them to you just five years ago: Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president and he might even win. Also, he recently fielded a question about a dead gorilla. Justin Bieber is still a … Continued


Celebrity Overreach: Leonardo DiCaprio edition

With the Presidential primary season in full swing, the media is lousy with sightings of that annoying yet ubiquitous species: the celebrity political hack. You can’t throw a brick at a Hillary or Bernie rally without being introduced to a celebrity “special guest” or musical act, and Instagram feeds are clogged with images of “famous” people … Continued


Celebrities, Please Stop Talking About Menopause

Author Gail Sheehy called it the “silent passage” in her landmark 1992 book, but now women can’t stop talking about it. “It” is menopause. Yes, menopause is now like the love that once dared not speak its name. It’s all the rage (no pun intended) and celebrities are happy to discuss its impact on their … Continued

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Celebrities Behaving Well Award

[Voting is now closed.]   It’s time for the second annual Acculturated Celebrities Behaving Well Award! While we all can remember Kanye West’s hissy fit over two wheelchair-bound fans refusing to stand at one of his concerts, Stephanie Seymour’s questionable Harper’s Bazaar spread, and all of the Ray Rice drama, we sometimes overlook all the … Continued


Jolie’s Wedding Dress = Everything Wrong with Our Culture

I love my sister, Chelsea, but I have to disagree about Angelina’s wedding dress and veil. Apart from looking like ugliness threw up on her and ruined a perfectly lovely gown, it was an attention-grabbing tactic that illustrates, pun intended, our culture’s increasingly warped idea of what it means to prioritize one’s kids. Let’s start … Continued


Good Luck to Brangelina, Hollywood’s Coolest Parents

After nine years and six children together, Hollywood’s preeminent power couple—Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie—got  married in a private ceremony in France late last month. Affectionately known to whoever reads US Weekly and watches Extra as “Brangelina,” Tinsel Town’s first family celebrated their nuptials with their children and twenty guests in a chapel at Château … Continued

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Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Dress: A Symbol of Family Love

So Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally, and quietly, tied the knot. So quietly, in fact, that the news came as a shock to almost everybody. But now, a week later, the biggest shock of all is Angelina’s wedding dress—the dress people can’t stop talking about. As one might expect from one of the wealthiest … Continued