Spare Us, Judy Blume


Judy Blume, the author who wrote books about sex for kids is now lamenting that kids are too sexual.

In a recent interview with the Telegraph, Blume said of sex and today’s youth:

It’s just not as much fun now. Rather than jump right into intercourse a million times over, I wish they would go through all the stages that we used to go through. Where’s ‘first base’ or ‘second base’ now? I think they were good for kids sexually. Of course it’s true that what kept us all virgins in my day was a fear of pregnancy—and that meant we married way too young because we wanted permission to go all the way.

When her interviewer asks if the problem is related to the proliferation of pornography, Blume says, “The problem is that it’s the wrong information. I’m not opposed to porn for grown-ups. It can help a relationship. But I think it sends an awful message to young men and women.” Even so, she says wouldn’t, “censor it.”

Then she wonders aloud what today’s teens are doing on their phones so much. “You see them all in the street on their cell phones and I always ask myself: who are you talking to? I certainly don’t know enough people to be talking to constantly in that way.”

Where to begin?

Let’s start with phones. Today’s teens aren’t just “talking” on their phones. They are looking at pornography. Or sending naked pics to each other that magically disappear within seconds on Snapchat. Or sending each other sexually explicit texts. More than half of boys age 14-17 have viewed porn on their mobile phones. One in four teenagers has sent a naked picture of themselves over a mobile device; 68 percent of teenage girls have been asked to send a naked picture over their cell phone.

Blume wouldn’t censor porn—the way the UK just decided to with the particularly violent kind—because she thinks that porn can be “healthy” for adults. But here she demonstrates her naïveté again.

We know that pornography affects the brain in the same way as a drug like cocaine. It’s addictive and decreases male libido, for real women anyway. As Davy Rothbart, a former porn addict, put it in New York magazine, the chemical process involved in viewing porn easily leads men to “develop a neurological attachment to it. They can, in essence, date porn.” This is not something conservatives made up. Check out Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s movie Don Jon for the Hollywood take on the harmful effects of porn.

Naturally the fact that porn affects men so deeply, also affects women. They feel constant pressure to perform like the women men see online. And then there is the fact that the porn industry is directly tied to the $32 billion human trafficking crisis happening in the United States. Even the Huffington Post, a sort of Internet wild west when it comes to sexual norms, acknowledged that, “You support trafficking when you watch porn.”

But it is particularly galling to find Judy Blume lamenting the ubiquity of porn viewing among young people. This is the author who made her name encouraging and celebrating greater sexual exploration among teens. Lena Dunham, creator of a soft porn show that depicts the sad realities of a post Sexual Revolution world for today’s young men and women, says Blume gave her the confidence to create the show.

Maybe Blume can ask her where first or second base is now.


  • Mark81150

    I graduated in 77…. smaller Ohio town,.. under 100,000 people.. and there was one.. just one girl who got pregnant her senior year, and the other girls ostracised her for it….
    now.. that same high school.. has a day care center as the teen moms bring their babies to school with them…
    the difference?…. shame I think. In the day, you didn’t want the shame of getting a girl pregnant, ruining her reputation, she didn’t want a coerced marriage to clean up the mess from one wild night.. but mostly.. boys,.. girls.. really.. honestly were mortified at the idea of how their parents would react… my mom would have been sternly disapproving.. my father?… making calls to force a marriage to give that innocent baby a real name… and free him/her from the stigma of being born out of wedlock, a bastard..
    sure we wanted to explore.. but the constraints were the very real disapproval of caring parents that we needed to earn the respect of,.. these days, half the kids act as if they could care less what mom or dad said about anything… it’s all a me me me me culture in constant pursuit of pleasure with no consideration of the consequences…….
    shame, regret, guilt may be negative emotions,.. but the benefit was stable two parent marriages where the children weren’t born into poverty with a teen unwed mom on her own.. she had a partner to help take care of the child.. now all I hear are teen boys whining when they get a girl pregnant, how he’s being “punished” with child support…
    in my day,.. they called it a father’s responsibilities… being a parent..we NEED to return to the idea that the boy wasn’t merely a sperm donor.. but one of two kids in trouble.. and wanting to be responsible,.. wanting to earn respect….too many boys now think they should get respect just for existing… and NO,.. that ain’t going to happen.. they need to grow up before helping create a new life.

    • sez-who

      Disrespect for parents in built in to modern-day schooling. For example, textbooks and various informative pamphlets are full of the phrase ‘Tell your parents to . . ‘ quit smoking, install smoke alarms etc etc etc. I have no beef with smoke alarms but a better phrasing would be ‘ask your parents if you can help them install smoke alarms’ or some such.

  • Mastro63

    The Left wanted to get rid of shame about sex so that the occasional pregnant teen wouldn’t feel like a pariah. OK- but they didn’t realize that without shame a tidal wave of sexuality would hit us. Shame was holding it back.

    Here we are- enjoy your 24 hour porn and 10 year olds dressing like hookers.

  • nadadhimmi

    Blume reminds me of other uber Liberals like John Cleese bemoaning the fact how much Society and their Countries have coarsened and become unrecognizable to them. Well, they are despicable hypocrites because they worked their lifetime careers ridiculing and destroying the very Society they now miss and pine for. They DESERVE the hellhole Societies they have produced; but WE don’t deserve their inflicted depravity.

  • sez-who

    It is so sad that today’s young people have no charm left in their sex. That is my fault, our fault, Judy Blume’s fault. I hope that a future generation can recover it –

  • Deserttrek

    the pushers are now reformed addicts

  • blackdog

    Our magnificent left! The progressives! So much smarter, so much more enlightened! They are nothing but destroyers, villains, rapists and murderers raving through the night slaying all that comes before them then looking at the wasteland they created and asking “what happened?” In their little girl voices as though that will save them.

  • Poupon Marx

    The fact that she is a Cultural/Social Marxist Jew has NOTHING to do with her writings.