The Exploitation of Ronda Rousey

This past Friday, the world saw popular mixed martial artist, author, and actress Ronda Rousey compete in her latest fight—if you can even call it a fight, that is. I saw it as a brazen act of exploitation. At the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 207, viewers did not see the return of a former champion … Continued

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Be like Dak Prescott: Practice Your Manners

It might seem like a small thing—picking up after yourself—but when you’re a rising NFL star, even small acts can have large effects. Consider what happened when Dak Prescott, rookie quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, was caught on camera during a game with the Ravens, doing what too few people do these days: picking up … Continued

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LeBron James’ Posse Problem

As if our recent, acrimonious presidential election wasn’t bad enough, now LeBron James and Phil Jackson are fighting, and their argument reveals a lot about what is wrong with our culture right now. This isn’t some backup quarterback taking a knee to protest racism before his terrible team plays a horrible game of football. James … Continued

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This Might Be the Happiest Man on the Planet

After the Cubs won the World Series last night, ending a 108-year-old losing streak and lifting one of the most infamous curses in baseball, social media was filled with celebrations. Even President Obama tweeted an invite to the team to come visit him in the White House: It happened: @Cubs win World Series. That’s change … Continued

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Curses, Forgiveness, and The Chicago Cubs

1908, 1945, 1969, 1984, 2003: Go ahead and cite any one of these respective years to a fan of the Chicago Cubs baseball club and get ready for an agonizing history lesson that seems too absurd to be true. The Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908. They haven’t even been to a World … Continued

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Palmer, Fernandez, and the American Dream

Over this tragic past weekend, the sports world lost two giant figures who, in different ways, represent extraordinary success stories of the American Dream. The legendary Arnold Palmer passed away at eighty-seven after an impossibly full life as one of the greatest icons in any sport, not only golf. In addition to being one of … Continued

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The Many Virtues of Golf Legend Arnold Palmer

Over the weekend, at home in his native Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, “The King” passed away at the ripe, old age of 87. Arnold Palmer had been a living legend for the previous seven decades and the professional golf community immediately began to roll out the well-deserved red carpet treatment in remembrance of the man who brought … Continued

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‘Last Chance U’ and the Virtues of Reality TV

Until you see the difference first-hand, you might think that there is a very fine line between “documentary style programming with heart” and “vapid, soul-sucking entertainment” because all of it is typically lumped together in something known as “Reality TV.” That moniker understandably carries such negative cultural baggage with it due to the medium’s lowest, … Continued

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Hey, Colin Kaepernick: You’re No Jackie Robinson

The San Francisco 49ers used to have a really good quarterback named Colin Kaepernick. He was the versatile, up-and-coming starting QB for the team in their most recent Super Bowl appearance in 2013. Since then, Kaepernick has been a lethal combination of regularly injured and consistently not very good at the sport he is paid … Continued

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