Welcome to the Age of the Coercive Protest

Last spring, while sitting in the parking lot of a Home Depot, I made a calculation that most parents of very small babies make: feed my baby in the parking lot or hurry home and do it there. With an eighteen-month-old child also in the car, I decided on the latter, so that she wasn’t … Continued


Hollywood Launches Star-Studded Reelection Campaign for Trump

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign got off to a fine start this week. And, once again, the billionaire-turned-politician didn’t have to spend one red cent to make it happen. Last year, media outlets spent so much time covering Trump’s political run, relishing the ratings bump in the process, that they inadvertently gave him millions in … Continued


Progressive Sexism

Those who had warned about an uptick in sexism under President Trump may have been on to something. As the era of Trump dawns, some women already are being singled out for criticism and scorn that is tinged with sexist assumptions and seems intended to force them back into roles that society decrees are a … Continued


Stop Bothering Tom Brady about Donald Trump

As a Baltimore Ravens fan, I am legally required to hate Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Yet at the risk of being excommunicated from Ravens Nation, I must admit that I’ve always had a soft spot for Brady, who is by all accounts a devoted father, a terrific teammate, and a loyal friend. … Continued

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Why We Need a Revival of Humility

The ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius called it “the solid foundation of all virtues.” Nineteenth-century South African theologian Andrew Murray said the loss of it represented “the root of every sin and evil.” One of Murray’s contemporaries—the renowned British art critic John Ruskin—described it as “the first test of a great man.” They were talking about … Continued


The Women’s March and the March of Time

For many, the unthinkable has happened: Donald Trump is officially the President of the United States. If you took seriously the doomsday predictions from many celebrities and leftist activists, you might have expected your world to be profoundly different today with President Trump at the helm instead of President Obama. This sense of fear and … Continued


Former Obama Official Shows How Politics Trumped Faith

This weekend, as President Obama makes way for Donald Trump, and media outlets ponder Obama’s legacy, one of the first memoirs from a former Obama administration official hits bookshelves. Michael Wear’s Reclaiming Hope: Lessons learned in the Obama White House about the Future of Faith in America, highlights Wear’s faith-based campaigns and outreach via the … Continued


After the Swearing-In, President Trump Should Swear Off Twitter

The Associated Press reports that someone on the Trump transition team finally succeeded in taking away the soon-to-be 45th President’s mobile phone. What they did not do, evidently, is take away his Twitter account. And that’s a shame, since although Trump clearly relishes Twitter combat (earlier in the week he made the mistake of responding to … Continued


As Trump Era Begins, Some Survival Tips for Hollywood Liberals

Hollywood, where everyone is instantly “so over” their own movies when they aren’t a smash on opening day, can’t seem to get over the fact that Donald Trump will become our next president tomorrow. It goes without saying that Clint Eastwood, Patricia Heaton, Gary Sinise, and the rest of the Hollywood Right would have been … Continued