Don’t Define Your Neighbors by the Fringe

People hoped that after the election, political tensions would recede. You’d be able to return to your social media feed to see baby pictures, funny jokes, and what your friends are having for dinner, without having to brace for political warfare. While that’s happened a little bit and politics isn’t as front-and-center as it was … Continued


What the Late-Night Lefties Get Wrong

When you make comedy subordinate to politics, the humor suffers. Once upon a time, late-night comedians told jokes. Now, apparently, they “destroy” people. Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart was the original “destroyer,” as National Review’s Kevin Williamson discussed in a brilliant 2014 piece. Today, the chief “destroyers” include Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, … Continued

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The New York Times’ Favorite Abortion Doctor

In order to lighten the mood, Willie J. Parker loves to talk about Alabama football while he is performing abortions. The board-certified obstetrician believes that “rather than allowing your fear to amplify any sensation you’re having, you’re having a conversation with me . . .” He calls it “verbicaine.” Parker’s folksy attitude was on full … Continued

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Drain the White House Correspondents Dinner!

  If Donald Trump’s presidency deals the death blow to the incestuous White House Correspondents Dinner, that alone will go some ways towards draining the swamp that is Washington. Journalists like to call the annual dinner, traditionally held in the spring at the Washington Hilton, the “nerd prom”; a humble brag that conjures up something … Continued

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Why We Need a Trump Sabbath

If you’ve been on Twitter or at a dinner party over the last year, you’ve noticed a pattern. Inevitably, the conversation comes back to a certain topic: Donald J. Trump. Donald Trump’s political rise has dominated our national attention since he announced his run for president. His comments about women, Mexicans, and his political opponents … Continued


Why the Mainstream Media Can’t Quit Obsessing About the 2016 Election

Earlier this week, CNN aired a debate between far-left Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and conservative Senator Ted Cruz of Texas on the topic of healthcare. During a dead timeslot for the network, the ratings proved to be a nice boost, especially considering the drop that most news networks are experiencing now that the election … Continued


Why I’m Not a Feminist

I live in liberal Boulder, Colorado. No, that’s not right, because that understates just how liberal it is here in my little college town just thirty minutes from Denver. We’re actually ranked one of the five most liberal-friendly cities in the United States. To be fair, I consider myself mostly a liberal Democrat and am … Continued


Forget Milo. Why Not Have Real Debates on College Campuses?

Sure, blame it on the ninjas. A speech by Milo Yiannopoulos had to be cancelled Wednesday night in Berkeley, California, because, according to a UC Berkeley spokesman, “This university was essentially invaded by more than 100 individuals clad in ninja-like uniforms who were armed and engaged in paramilitary tactics,” Mr. Dan Mogulof said. “They were … Continued


The Doomsday Clock is a Measure of Liberal Hysteria, not Armageddon

If you listen to the naysayers, we’re on the precipice, just a few moments away from nuclear Armageddon, ever since Trump became President of the United States of America. As people asked during the campaign, is Trump the right person to trust with “the nuclear football”, the button that enables the President to launch a … Continued


Welcome to the Age of the Coercive Protest

Last spring, while sitting in the parking lot of a Home Depot, I made a calculation that most parents of very small babies make: feed my baby in the parking lot or hurry home and do it there. With an eighteen-month-old child also in the car, I decided on the latter, so that she wasn’t … Continued