Want Happy Kids? Let Them Roughhouse with Dad

Whenever our kids climb, jump on, or otherwise maul my husband, I laugh and think, “Better you than me.” When he’s not home, my youngest often tries to roughhouse with me in the same manner, to which I tell him, “Sorry dude, that’s your dad’s job. Mommy doesn’t do that.” Having grown up without a … Continued


Dads, Here’s What to Expect When Your Wife is Expecting

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, my lovely wife gave birth to our first child—a girl—whom we named Evelyn Inez Moeller. On the heels of a miscarriage last winter and nine eventful (albeit healthy) months of pregnancy this time around, to say that we were excited to welcome Little Evie into the world would be quite … Continued


Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Child a Hatchimal

“What the what?” That’s about the only response I could muster when someone sent me an article about parents writing their kids a note from “Santa” apologizing in advance for the fact that some kind of toy called a “Hatchimal” was temporarily out of stock. Apparently I am out of the toy loop, because despite … Continued


How Disney Became the Most Vulgar Purveyor of Pop Culture

When Philo T. Farnsworth invented television back in the late 1920’s, it’s clear that neither he nor anyone else associated with this revolutionary technology could imagine a future where we would have hundreds of channels of programming at our fingertips, or homes where the television replaced the hearth as the gathering place for families. Television … Continued

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Kids Don’t Like Veggies. So What?

As a toddler, my oldest child was an infuriatingly picky eater. Although I envied his carb-heavy diet of bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta, I worried that he wasn’t eating nutritiously. Each time I took him to the pediatrician, I braced for the diagnosis: scurvy or rickets or some other nearly obsolete condition last seen in … Continued


Stop Parenting from the Couch

“Daddy, when can I get an iPhone?” asked my nine-year-old daughter. “What makes you ask?” I replied, surprised. She told me her ten-year-old friend at the YMCA has her own iPhone and tablet and “she can play Minecraft whenever she wants.” This was big news to me since we’ve recently limited tablet time to the … Continued


Are Kids the Ultimate Efficiency Hack?

Americans seem to have an obsession with studying and quantifying how kids supposedly ruin your life. There are the endless studies about exactly how many kids make you most miserable and stressed. Apparently moms with three kids are the most stressed out, more so than moms with two and oddly enough, moms with four. (This … Continued


In Defense of Chores

While scrolling down my timeline I saw this, an article that describes pictures of a six-year-old boy doing chores—cooking, cleaning, you know, normal stuff. But this particular album went viral because the mother created it to teach the young boy a lesson, namely, that chores are “not just for women.” Yes, I know, this heavy-handed … Continued


Why You Can’t Always Trust Parenting “Experts”

When I was pregnant with our first child, more than a couple of friends warned me not to read What to Expect When You Are Expecting unless I wanted to add to my already overdeveloped sense of fear and anxiety at giving birth. I’m glad to have heeded that advice, but it didn’t stop me … Continued