The Latest Elite Fashion Trend? “Trashion”

“One day, he was swimming in the ocean off Ibiza and a plastic bag brushed his arm. At first he thought it was a jellyfish; then he realized it was trash. He began thinking about the Earth, ‘and it all kind of clicked.’” Apparently this was the inspirational moment behind Heron Preston’s new fashion of … Continued

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#ThisCatholicGirl and the Need for Emotional Chastity

Earlier this week, the world of Catholic Twitter went up in flames when one of its star members was revealed to be a fake. For those unaware of #ThisCatholicGirl-gate, Chase Padusniak, like many a social media-savvy Catholic, developed a “Twitter-Relationship”, as it were, with (who he thought was) a cute Catholic college student who broadcast … Continued


In Defense of Online Dating

There are two virtual realities we regularly encounter today. The first is the insidious one described by Ross Douthat in “The Virtues of Reality,” in which a myriad of human activities is mediated by social media; a virtual reality that discloses an unreal ideal self and obscures the real. “The trends in the marketplace—ever-more-customized pornography, … Continued


Ditch the Pantsuit, Hillary. Embrace the Power of Glamour

One of the more interesting questions left unanswered by the Democratic National Convention last week is an aesthetic one: Why did Hillary Clinton wear an all-white pantsuit? Given her history as a self-proclaimed “pantsuit aficionado,” it does not come as a surprise that Mrs. Clinton would accept the nomination in her signature style. The all-white … Continued


Return of the Retro First Lady?

“You can tell a lot about a person by whom they choose to marry,” noted a recent New York Times piece titled “Why Men Want to Marry Melanias and Raise Ivankas.” The essay explores the “perversely traditional” values of the Trump family, describing the qualities of the several women Donald Trump has called wife “remarkably … Continued


Sorry Ladies, Parading Around Naked to Protest Trump Isn’t ‘Art’

In the early morning hours in Cleveland, Ohio—the day before the start of the Republican National Convention this week—100 women gathered for a photography session/political protest. Unlike most protestors at the convention, however, these women were completely naked. The gathering was the work of photographer, Spencer Tunick, who called the installation piece, “Everything She Says … Continued


Do We Need Stricter Office Dress Codes?

Recently, the New York Times published an essay decrying the end of standards in work attire. “There’s a strain of thought that says an employee represents a company, and thus dress is not about personal expression, but company expression,” Susan Scafidi, a law professor and founder of the Fashion Law Institute told the Times. “But … Continued


Is Instagram Romance Possible?

One year ago this month, I wrote a long letter to a person I’ve never met who I happened to discover on Instagram. I don’t recall when or how I first encountered his profile, or what post initially prompted me to follow him. What I do remember is scrolling through his digital album of photographs … Continued