Mark Judge is a journalist and filmmaker. His books include A Tremor of Bliss: Sex, Catholicism, and Rock 'n' Roll and Damn Senators: My Grandfather and the Story of Washington's Only World Series Championship. His work has appeared in the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Daily Caller. He writes a weekly column for Real Clear Books and is the producer of Whittaker Chambers: A Documentary Film, which is now in production.

Why Harry Connick, Jr. Should Run for President

Harry Connick, Jr. should run for president. Spend any time with Connick, as I did recently during a phone interview, and it becomes clear that Harry has what the country needs right now. He’s patriotic, with two family members who are in the military. A brilliant jazz musician, he is respectful and empathetic to African-Americans … Continued


In Defense of Elitism

Deliverance is making a comeback. The 1970 novel, which became an award-winning 1972 film, is one of the most pungent defenses of elitism ever committed to paper and film. A new novel by Erica Ferencik, The River at Night, is basically a retelling of Deliverance, this time with four female leads. In both versions, a … Continued


Does ‘La La Land’ Deserve the Hype?

The emotional payoff at the end of the La La Land—which just won a Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy (along with six other awards, including Best Screenplay)—could have been huge. Many of the elements for a powerful climax are there: rich cinematography, good actors, and a steady and talented director. There’s only one … Continued

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Will Kanye West Confront His Shadow?

After being hospitalized for a mental breakdown, Kanye West seems to be doing better. “He’s recovering, but not recovered,” a West friend told People magazine. “He’s sick and every day he gets better.” West was smiling when he recently met with President-Elect Donald Trump. What’s wrong with West? Some might think he needs to simply become blander … Continued


Why ‘Manchester by the Sea’ Gets Male Grief Wrong

The new film Manchester by the Sea is this year’s critical darling. Written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan (You Can Count on Me, Margaret) the film is, according to critics , “an achingly graceful, heartfelt, working-class story about loss, grief, and family obligations” as well as “a deeply affecting chamber piece that features an outstanding … Continued

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The ‘Rolling Stone’ Verdict and the End of Honorable Journalism

Last week the jury in the federal court case against Rolling Stone found that the magazine had defamed a former University of Virginia associate dean in its 2014 article about sexual assault on campus. The article, “A Rape on Campus,” was written by Sabrina Erdely and included a false account of a fraternity gang rape. … Continued


Special Snowflake Insists World Create New Word for “Boyfriend”

As if another example of our culture’s narcissism were needed, twenty-something writer Elizabeth Sherman has taken to the pages of The Washington Post to complain that she doesn’t have a term for her boyfriend. Why? Because according to her, the word “boyfriend” isn’t good enough, and society hasn’t provided a new, better one yet. “Cory … Continued


Why Horror Movies Are Better than Superhero Movies

In horror movies, people die. Not just minor characters, not just extras, but main characters—people we’ve come to know and care about over the course of the movie. This is why most horror films are more realistic and morally superior to superhero movies. In movies like Iron Man, Captain America, and The Avengers, it’s a … Continued