Hey, ‘Hamilton’ Stars: Stop Your Ridiculous Liberal Grandstanding

To understand how conservatives feel about the disgraceful decision of a Broadway actor to single out Vice-President-elect Mike Pence from the stage following a performance of Hamilton and lecture him, picture a young black man walking into a jewelry store to buy a present for his mother. He’s never been in the store before, but … Continued


The Great Celebrity Freak-Out Over Trump

Take a deep breath, celebrities. When oxygen returns to your brains, you’ll realize a few things. You want to sell tickets to the 52 percent of Americans who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. You want your shows to be watched by people who live between the coasts. Maybe (and this is going out on a … Continued


Why Movies Like ‘Moonlight’ Favor Pity Over Storytelling

According to the review aggregator Metacritic.com, this year’s best movie is Moonlight, which on its initial day of release sported a near-perfect score of 99 percent on the site, meaning that it is receiving virtually the highest possible marks from critics across the board. Directed by Barry Jenkins, the movie is a sensitive, poetically realized … Continued

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Why Bob Dylan Shouldn’t Have Won a Nobel Prize

  Bob Dylan is one of the most beguiling and vital artists in the history of American popular music, but he doesn’t deserve a Nobel prize in literature, because what he does is not literary. Literature is something that exists to be read. To be blunt about it, Dylan’s lyrics are close to being unreadable. … Continued


‘Deepwater Horizon’ and Everyday Heroes

The climactic images of an American flag rippling against darkness and fire in the brilliant new film Deepwater Horizon recall many a war film, or indeed the writing of The Star Spangled Banner itself, near Fort McHenry as the War of 1812 raged. But this is not a war film. Or is it? The civilians … Continued

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Who’s the Real Hero? Sully vs. Snowden

For more than fifty years, going back to John Ford’s revision-minded 1962 Western The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, in which a political grandee’s career was established under false pretenses because everyone believed he killed an outlaw who was in reality slain by someone else, Hollywood has been advising us to be skeptical of heroes. … Continued

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Hey You Guys – You Can’t Say “You Guys” Anymore

On campus, political correctness has become the Santa Claus who offers no presents. It sees you when you’re sleeping. It knows when you’re awake. It’s definitely making lists and checking them twice, and you’d better be correct for correctness’ sake. Otherwise you won’t even get a lump of coal, just a letter informing you how … Continued


The Left’s Free Speech Quandary at the University of Chicago

When the College of the University of Chicago sent its incoming freshmen a letter notifying them that during their years on campus they should expect robust freedom of expression and little in the way of safe spaces or trigger warnings, the note was so even-tempered, sober and rational that it seemed that no reasonable person … Continued


Don’t Give Nate Parker an Academy Award

Is there a morals clause to anything anymore? The question is relevant when it comes to the upcoming Oscar campaign for Nate Parker, the writer/director/star of The Birth of a Nation, which instantly became a frontrunner in the Oscars race in January and will be released nationwide with great fanfare in October. Parker, it turns … Continued