Why Are America’s Mayors Taking Mindfulness Advice from Lady Gaga?

Last weekend, American mayors gathered for their annual conference in Indianapolis. As it often does for such conferences, the U.S. Conference of Mayors assembled an impressive array of political leaders, policy experts and industry big wigs. Lectures and panels were held on a variety of issues, ranging from water safety and technological innovation to business … Continued


Home Cooked Meals Aren’t Killing Mother Earth

According to Food and Wine magazine, when I cook a big meal for my family, I’m not just offering nourishment and fostering important domestic traditions (and, according to studies on childhood obesity, improving my child’s chances of staying at a healthy weight), I’m “wasting money and destroying the environment.” That’s rather rich commentary coming from … Continued


Elocution Lessons: Yet Another Tool of the Patriarchy?

“Like, omigod! People are so, like, rude and sexist.” Is it sexism that makes me want to stick a knitting needle down my ear canal every time I find myself at school pickup standing within earshot of the Lululemon-wearing mom who speaks with the rising intonation and vocal fry of a teenager? Perhaps my urge … Continued


Celebrities and Their Terrible Non-Problems

Rich people, Hollywood actresses, and the media elite like to think they understand the struggles faced by middle and working class Americans. And very often, they try to act as if they share those difficulties. Gwyneth Paltrow is the poster child for such behavior. Her most noted example was when she once publicly said, without … Continued


Check your Privilege, HuffPo

The Huffington Post has a new feature where the children of famous, wealthy, and well-connected media and Hollywood moguls interview and pay someone to ghost write about their powerful and famous parents. Called “Talk To Me,” creator and producer Christina Huffington has written the first piece where she talks about the woman who raised her—her … Continued


Is Selfie-Style Reporting the Future of Journalism?

Nothing makes this forty-something feel her age more than reading a Buzzfeed “article” or any article posted on one of those ubiquitous websites that blur the line between entertainment and news. Even more confusing is when the reporter becomes the story; sometimes to the point that they barely cover the issue on which they’ve been … Continued


Sarah Palin is no Judge Judy

Today we have a reality star running for president, so it should hardly be a surprise that a former elected politician is gunning for a reality show. Vice Presidential candidate and former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin—already a veteran of reality television with TLC’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska—has embarked on yet another reality television project. NBC News … Continued

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Ignore the (Candy) Haters and Enjoy those Easter Treats

Easter is this weekend, which means the “candy is killing you” crowd is in high gear. Newspaper headlines are already generating alarm. The Daily Express asks: “Will you be letting your child eat 250 teaspoons of SUGAR this weekend?” Another British publication advocates for a chocolate Easter egg tax. Nothing says praise the risen Lord … Continued

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Time Poverty—The Feminist Obsession with Domesticity

Over the years, my husband and I have divided the domestic duties. I’m not sure it comes out perfectly even, but it seems to work. I cook, take care of the kids during the day and do most of the cleaning, while my husband handles laundry, fixing things around the house, and at night, he … Continued