Dave Taylor is a long time media commentator and writer, with a focus on consumer electronics and technology. He holds a Masters degree in Education and an MBA and has published over twenty books. A single father to two teens and a tween, he also moonlights as a film and media critic and calls Boulder, Colorado home.

Remembering Carrie Fisher

2016 has been a rough year in many ways, but especially so for celebrity-watchers, who have seen a number of high-profile stars pass away in the last twelve months. The most recent was the author, actress and Hollywood icon Carrie Fisher. Best known for her performance as Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, Fisher … Continued


What Trump’s Favorite Movies Tell Us About His Character

Your favorite films say a lot about you—what you find interesting, entertaining or provocative. One of my favorites, for example, is the David Lean masterpiece about a man coming to terms with his essential humanity, Lawrence of Arabia, which also turns out to be one of President Obama’s favorite films. Obama also likes the lauded … Continued

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Is the Santa vs. Jesus Game Blasphemous?

After the runaway success of a game that celebrates bad taste and dark humor (Cards Against Humanity), it’s hardly a surprise that religion would find itself the target of game designers. And what better figures to serve as inspiration than the two most representative of the season of giving: Jesus and Santa? Kickstarter helped game … Continued


Hollywood’s Shameful Hero-Worship of Fidel Castro, Dictator

Hollywood romanticizes revolutionaries, seeing them as noble, rugged individuals with towering passion and idealism who fight and risk their lives to make the world a better place. Sometimes that view is deserved. But more often than not, given Hollywood’s left-leaning partisanship, it elevates brutal dictators to the status of misunderstood heroes. Thus it’s no surprise … Continued


How Disney Became the Most Vulgar Purveyor of Pop Culture

When Philo T. Farnsworth invented television back in the late 1920’s, it’s clear that neither he nor anyone else associated with this revolutionary technology could imagine a future where we would have hundreds of channels of programming at our fingertips, or homes where the television replaced the hearth as the gathering place for families. Television … Continued

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Is the PC Tide Turning on College Campuses?

Colleges are where you go to learn about the world and expand your experiences beyond those of your home town and its parochial groupthink. On a modern college campus, you will encounter people with different views, experiences, and values, and that’s part of what makes college a stepping-stone from childhood into the bigger world of … Continued


Anti-Trump People Won’t Walk a Mile in New Balance Shoes

Look down at your feet. Are your athletic shoes making a political statement without you even realizing it? If you’re wearing Nike, Adidas, or Puma, no they’re not. But if you’ve got on a pair of New Balance, the answer is yes, they are. Turns out that among the major sports shoe manufacturers, only New … Continued


Is the Media to Blame for the Increase in Teen Suicides?

There’s a certain romance about suicide, likely started with Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, a drama about fake suicide and real suicide that’s an enduring tale of tragedy. The idea that there’s no greater way to demonstrate your love than to end your life unfortunately continues to have staying power—at least for young adults. Of course, … Continued


The Surprisingly PC World of Emoji

Sometime during the last decade, our rudimentary punctuation emoji have turned into actual cartoon images. Gone is the colon-dash-paren smiley, replaced with a big, cheery yellow “have a nice day” (or, depending on your bent, Watchmen) smiley face image. These tiny graphical representations of emotions and common objects have crept into our everyday communication through … Continued


Why I’m Done with “The Walking Dead”

I’ve been a loyal and devoted fan of the hit AMC TV series The Walking Dead since the very first episode. I’ve even hosted viewing parties for my friends so we can share the thrills and adventure of the show. The Season Six finale (“Last Day On Earth”) was tough to watch, with its cliffhanger … Continued