Chelsea Samelson is a freelance writer living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is the owner of Moondough Bakery and a recent graduate of Hillsdale College.

Why Karlie Kloss Was Accused of “Cultural Appropriation” in ‘Vogue’

Last week, Elizabethtown College Democrats handed out white puzzle piece pins to students as a way to remind them of their “white privilege.” Well, those students ought to send supermodel Karlie Kloss a whole suitcase full of those pins—although after the week she’s had, she probably already feels bad enough about being white. It all … Continued


The Problem with the P-Word

Well folks, that’s it. It’s all over—the election, the inauguration, the women’s march. Even the women’s march clean-up is over. The litter and glitter are gone, and the discarded banners and signs have found their home in the garbage (or, bizarrely, in museums). This week, trash trucks across America will be full of fifty shades … Continued


Can We Cool It With the Pregnancy Reveal Announcements?

It has long been said that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. But when you do have something nice to say, there are sometimes better and worse ways to say it. Say, for example, you have one of the nicest things of all to tell – that you’re … Continued


The Problem With Christmas Cards

‘Tis not the season to be sacrilegious, but nonetheless, at the risk of sounding irreverent, I propose the following: If Jesus were among us today, he would not celebrate the season by sending expensive, staged snapshots of himself to everyone in his address book. In fact, the very prospect might actually anger him to the … Continued


Feminists Launch Ridiculous Boycott Against Ivanka Trump

Just when you thought the presidential campaign couldn’t possibly sink any further into the abyss, liberal activists have managed to drag it down even lower. Now they’ve placed their latest target on the back of Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, organizing a full-blown boycott of her self-named, $100-million-dollar apparel brand. And apparently, it’s all because Ivanka … Continued


Make America Great Again: Make Katy Perry Put Her Clothes On

Americans have more than enough reasons to wish for the end of this election cycle, but Katy Perry just gave us one more. Less than twenty-four hours after the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the thirty-one-year-old pop queen released the most obnoxious, insulting, cringe-worthy commercial yet seen this campaign season – a … Continued


Why is Amy Schumer Talking Tampons on the Red Carpet?

Once upon a time, beautiful, powerful, and talented women draped in gorgeous gowns and jewels would walk the red carpet, wave to fans and cameras, and smile politely and proudly. They were women grateful that their work was acknowledged and humbled to be honored at such ceremonies. Then, knowing millions of people were watching them … Continued


The ‘Love Your Spouse Challenge’ Isn’t All That Challenging

By now you’ve likely seen it somewhere on social media: that picture of a beaming, happy couple, with some sweet declaration of undying love, alongside those telltale four little words—Love Your Spouse Challenge. If you haven’t yet encountered this latest viral trend on Twitter or Facebook, it works like this: You get tagged and nominated … Continued