Bethany Mandel is a writer on politics and culture and a stay-at-home mom to two under two in New Jersey.

Why the Mainstream Media Can’t Quit Obsessing About the 2016 Election

Earlier this week, CNN aired a debate between far-left Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and conservative Senator Ted Cruz of Texas on the topic of healthcare. During a dead timeslot for the network, the ratings proved to be a nice boost, especially considering the drop that most news networks are experiencing now that the election … Continued


Welcome to the Age of the Coercive Protest

Last spring, while sitting in the parking lot of a Home Depot, I made a calculation that most parents of very small babies make: feed my baby in the parking lot or hurry home and do it there. With an eighteen-month-old child also in the car, I decided on the latter, so that she wasn’t … Continued


A Conservative Woman’s Unusual Online Dating Experiment

Despite being married with two children (and another on the way), I’m not the person most friends come to for dating advice. I married the best friend of a guy I met in a bar right out of college and mercifully escaped the modern dating scene. While all of my friends were joining dating apps, … Continued


Why We Don’t Call It Rape When a Woman is the Perpetrator

On the day I wrote this story, the headline of the number one story on the Washington Post website was this: “Texas teacher who had sex almost daily with 13-year-old student gets 10 years in prison.” Despite the fact that the offense was technically rape, which is why the teacher, Alexandria Vera, is now spending … Continued


What “Black-ish” Gets Right About Trump Voters

Just a week before the inauguration, the country is still raw with post-election angst. While non-Trump-supporting Republicans have had since the summer to reach a point of acceptance, Hillary voters have had far less time. While losing a primary race is different than losing a general election, non-Trump-voting Republicans were forced to face the fact … Continued

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Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Meltdown and Our Entitlement Problem

During the Gilmore Girls revival series which aired on Netflix recently, we found one of its stars, the fearless millennial Rory Gilmore, floundering in her career. It’s inexplicable (at least to her) why this is happening. Why can’t she find a steady writing job so many years after graduating from Yale University? She was editor-in-chief … Continued


If Women are Better Doctors, Aren’t Men Better Firefighters?

Men and women are made differently and possess different skills and attributes. This is one of those statements that used to be uncontroversial and incontrovertible, but in the last few years become politically incorrect to utter. Female applicants to the New York City Fire Department are held to a different standard than men in the … Continued


Why Holidays Offend Feminists

Long before political arguments were the basis for thousands of think pieces and blog guides for how to survive this year’s holiday rituals such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah, my family perfected the art of the tense holiday meal. One year, for example, drinks were thrown and nobody noticed I had Super Glued my hands … Continued


Why You Should Give Gifts to Your Kid’s Pediatrician

Last year around this time was a stressful season in the Mandel house. My almost one-year-old son had been deemed “failure to thrive” and hadn’t gained weight or grown in months. He was vomiting or spitting up (depending on your definition) upwards of thirty times a day and woke up every ninety minutes starving, needing … Continued