Abby W. Schachter, a Pittsburgh-based writer and blogger (Captain Mommy). Her latest book is No Child Left Alone: Getting the government out of parenting. She contributes to the Weekly Standard, Acculturated, Reason, the New York Post, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Abby is a senior fellow at the Inependent Women's Forum. She's appeared on Fox & Friends and CSPAN's Morning Edition. When not working, Abby spends her days in Iron City raising four children with her artist husband Ben Schachter.

Why TV Networks Respond Badly to Real-Life Tragedies

For the folks who produce violent and ripped-from-the-headlines television shows, recent events have made life tougher than usual. USA Network, for example, announced that it was delaying the premiere of a new show starring Ryan Phillipe. “In light of recent tragic events and out of respect for the victims, their families and our viewers, we … Continued


The Enduring Virtues of ‘Sixteen Candles’

I want to live in Samantha Baker’s house. Samantha, played beautifully by Molly Ringwald in John Hughes’ 1984 classic movie Sixteen Candles, was one of my heroes growing up, and now that the house where the movie was shot is up for sale in Evanston, IL, I’m thinking I could finally get to live out … Continued


The Bias Against Big Families and the Rise of Childless Cities

Oh, the bias against big families—especially religious families. Take this recent Washington Post headline: “Stop assuming that families with lots of children are religious.” Or how about this one from Babble: “This is why you should never judge that mom in the grocery store with five kids.” Where does this naked assumption that there is … Continued


‘Me Before You’ Celebrates Young Love and Euthanasia

Perhaps infuriating the disabled, the advocates for the rights of the disabled, and young disabled athletes wasn’t the best marketing strategy for the new movie Me Before You. But it sure makes for some biting commentary. “Why do you want me dead?” railed eleven-year-old Ella Frech, who just happens to be in a wheelchair and … Continued


How to be a Lighthouse Parent, not a Helicopter Parent

A YouTube star named Kristina Kuzmic had a big week when her vlog entitled “I’m not your friend, kid! (Because I love you)” got over a million hits and some strong negative reactions from parents who didn’t like her criticism of their child-rearing philosophy. Kuzmic’s basic point shouldn’t have been controversial. While eating from a … Continued


Teens and Technology: Too Much Too Soon?

“No phones on a walk,” I said to my 10-year-old cousin. “Is that the rule?” she asked as she put down her phone before heading out the door. “Yes, no phones on a walk is the rule.” I was making that up, of course. I had suggested that we get some fresh air and just … Continued


Thor Bakes a Cake. Internet Freaks Out.

What makes a good dad? There’s been an explosion of answers following the recent publication of an Instagram picture featuring Thor actor Chris Hemsworth baking a cake for his daughter. papa trabajando duro en la tarta de cumpleaños de India!! feliz cumple India! Te queremos más que nada en este mundo! / Papa working hard … Continued

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Obama’s “Nudge” Guru Ruins ‘Star Wars’

Cass Sunstein better hold on to his day job. The Harvard law professor, former Obama administration regulations “tsar,” and advocate for “nudging” Americans into doing what he (and his co-author behavioral economist Richard Thaler) believes is right when it comes to retirement savings and health care, has just written a new book in which he … Continued

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Why Malia Obama Should Help Pay for Her Harvard Education

Earlier this week, the world found out that President Obama’s oldest daughter, Malia, was accepted to Harvard University. After a photograph of Malia in a Harvard “Class of 2020” T-shirt surfaced, the White House admitted that the first daughter will head to Cambridge for college after first taking a gap year. And who can blame … Continued