Cinderella’s C-Section

Just when you thought that it was safe to enjoy Disney Princesses without having to “problematize” their heteronormativity, or white privilege, or eagerness to curry favor with the patriarchy, or inability to be “woke”, here comes artist Isaiah Stephens with yet another way to ruin childhood by turning Disney princesses into stressed out parents. Yes, … Continued


Man Punches Kangaroo, Internet Goes Wild

Viral videos are usually more likely to be of the “Man Bites Dog” variety, but a video taken last summer in Australia that recently went viral features a dramatic interaction with slightly more exotic wildlife: a kangaroo. The video shows zookeeper Greg Tokeins, who was on a wild boar hunt with friends in Condobolin, rushing … Continued


The Big Picture Purpose Contest — Enter Now

As another year comes to a close, many people will make New Year’s resolutions, setting out goals they hope to achieve in 2017 (lose weight, stop binge-watching, learn a foreign language, etc). Rather than limit yourself to pursuing goals in the immediate future, however, why not take the time to figure out what your larger … Continued


Thank God for Kenny G

As Washington DC prepares for a presidential inauguration in January (and AirBnB attempts to remain politically neutral so Trump supporters will use its services), we face a holiday season marked by continued partisan acrimony in the form of lawsuits demanding vote recounts in some states and angry relatives still fighting about who should have been … Continued


The Backpack Challenge is a Cry for Help from Students

As Americans prepare to travel to visit family and friends for Thanksgiving, they should do everything possible to avoid participating in the latest viral Internet trend: The Backpack Challenge. After the relatively laid-back tone of last week’s Mannequin Challenge, the Backpack Challenge seems especially harsh. It involves students lining up in two rows facing each … Continued


Be like Dak Prescott: Practice Your Manners

It might seem like a small thing—picking up after yourself—but when you’re a rising NFL star, even small acts can have large effects. Consider what happened when Dak Prescott, rookie quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, was caught on camera during a game with the Ravens, doing what too few people do these days: picking up … Continued

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Why People Love the Mannequin Challenge

Another month, another Internet challenge craze. This time, it’s the “Mannequin Challenge,” which involves taking video of a group of people frozen in place while ostensibly going about their normal routine. As NPR described it, “The effect looks as if someone pressed pause during a movie as people liken themselves to mannequins placed in various … Continued


Dog Days of Election Season

It’s finally election day, when Americans get to choose between two candidates (neither of whom anyone likes all that much) to be our country’s leader for the next four years. Many pundits and commentators have noted how vicious the rhetoric has become on both sides, and worry that long after today is done, Americans will … Continued


This Might Be the Happiest Man on the Planet

After the Cubs won the World Series last night, ending a 108-year-old losing streak and lifting one of the most infamous curses in baseball, social media was filled with celebrations. Even President Obama tweeted an invite to the team to come visit him in the White House: It happened: @Cubs win World Series. That’s change … Continued

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Choose Your Own P.C. Halloween Adventure!

Once upon a time, Halloween was a night for kids to dress up, indulge their impish alter-egos, and go door-to-door demanding candy from their neighbors. But then, older kids started trick or treating, which meant adults handing out candy were just as likely to encounter a surly teen as an adorable toddler when their doorbell … Continued

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