Indian Premier League – A Sport Or Just Business

The recently concluded IPL has Witnessed a lot Of ups and downs in the past 3 years of its existence. It has always had any controversy or another associated to this, become the bidding of players, desperation of Pakistani players by the owners, even slapping of a fielder by another on the area, owners walking on their team, rumors of romance affairs starting off the field, game fixing, individuals twitting about IPL secrets, so on etc. The record is quite large.

LalitModi, the mind behind the so Popular IPL, was in limelight ever since IPL arrived to existence until his most recent stunts and expulsion as the IPL supremo. As soon as he had been shown the door, the new IPL chief Chirayu Amin started changing the very face of IPL ipl 2020 broadcasting channels and making declarations about what will happen and what will not occur from IPL season 4 onwards.

How India won the Cup--a behind the scenes story Post 4.

Whatever said and done IPL is no doubt Brought the Twenty-twenty structure of this game to the foreground and even though an Indian initiative it has managed to get international victory and fan-fare. Reasons for IPL being so popular could be any of them, the humongous quantity of participation of money, bidding of cricket players, assistance from local celebrities and business tycoons, media policy, non-stop off the subject controversies, cheer-leaders, or perhaps the sport itself.

IPL managed to bring in the Form of fame And title to LalitModi nothing else could have potentially done, he states he has witnessed lots of ups and downs in his life and also the current showdown is only a passing phase.




But credit has to be awarded to him for all of the effort he’s put in the previous few years to bring IPL to a point where it now is. Only this guy had the guts for IPL transferred outside to South Africa and also get all the arrangements performed in this short note, when gamers from abroad showed apprehensions about safety in India later 26/11. Only this man had the courage to attract business tycoons like MukeshAmbani& Vijay Mallaya opposite each other fighting win the bids for cricket players and still support him wholeheartedly when the full BCCI audience turned their back on him.

Many hard core cricket fans call IPL a Mockery of cricket, a circus, only a mere business where some people are Earning money cuz a single country is so mad about this 1 game.

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